Experience, excitement and emotions
in support of entertainment, of presentation
and of the acquisition of knowledge

Perception, learning, movement and emotion. Immersive Virtual Reality facilitates the interactive exploration of environments, places and spaces, of any kind,  giving life to comprehensive sensory experiences that combine the informative aspect with a gratifying dimension.

Immersive Virtual Reality is based on the Real Time Render technology, thanks to which the user can immerse themselves in situations characterised by a simulated reality, with a strong sensation of immersion.

Thanks to the latest generation devices, the Virtual Experience becomes interactive and multi-sensory. Environments and scenarios recreated ad hoc respond to inputs and events generated by the visitor/user, offering points of interaction, fun and information useful for a deeper examination of different types of situations and subject matter. All viewable using various devices.

Originally developed for the gaming world, this technology finds scope and application in many sectors. From architecture to simulations of environmental impact, from interior design to yacht design, from tourism and historical research to museums and exhibitions, reaching as far as the industrial sector.

  • Customisation of Lighting Scenarios

    Within any environment and/or situation, it is possible to select and change parameters related to lighting. Particular types of light bring into focus specific characterisations of the environment which, depending on preferences, restore particularly realistic reflections and refractions in the context of any material.

  • Customisation of Finishes

    Free selection of finishes to be applied in the context of both interior environments, as well as external subjects. Choosing different types of materials and colours is quick and engaging, for associating with floors, walls or furnishings, in order to express, by way of a gratifying experience, your own taste and style.

  • Selection and Customisation of Objects

    It is possible to complete the space through the autonomous selection of furnishing accessories.  You can change your selection at any moment, in real time. This operation allows for the concrete customisation of any environment, in order to accommodate the user’s preferences during the visit and the virtual experience.

  • Interactivity of Objects

    Immersed within any environment you can interact with the elements present. From opening doors to opening drawers. From turning on the television to turning on lights. The involvement of the user extends to every detail of the action.

  • Particle Elements

    The incorporation of animations in reference to particle elements renders the experience even more complete and realistic. It is possible to reproduce the flow of water, wind, the lighting of fire and much more. In addition, the inclusion of sounds and noises leads to the stimulation of every perceptual sense. Being in a three-dimensional space, your perception changes in relation to the point in which you are.

  • Material Realism

    Thanks to the accuracy and to the precision applied when creating textures, each material present in the scene becomes particularly effective and realistic. As in the real context, the maps of the actual textures will be subject to changes and modifications based on the selected lighting parameters. All this both within the internal, as well as the external environment.

Anytime, anywhere

One virtual reality project can be promoted by way of numerous channels and different devices.

  • Casco virtuale

    Casco virtuale

  • Computer


  • Tablet/Smartphone


  • Chiosco interattivo

    Chiosco interattivo

  • Altri dispositivi

    Altri dispositivi


    Sharing of a presentation, expanding the possibilities of interaction on the part of the users involved.


    Real-time exploration of environments capable of amplifying sensory experiences.


    Research and application of information using an innovative, engaging and extremely effective approach.

With more than 15 years of experience in 3D sector, our team is a valuable partner for customized solutions for every need of Immersive Virtual Reality.

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