The considerable flexibility of the application of Immersive Virtual Reality
will change the way we perceive, we discover, we engage,
becoming a key element of marketing and communication strategies

Design and construction

Creating together with designers and engineers

An immersive representation in the field of design and construction, in addition to supporting the sales process, also facilitates the testing and evaluation of aesthetic and construction related choices in real-time, assessing the beauty, the effect, the practicality, the feasibility, the costs and benefits of decisions as soon as they are made, through interaction-based systems. Immersive and interactive virtual environments within which the customer can immerse themselves expressing their own taste and style.


Selecting the project details

Immersive Virtual Reality, engaging and informative, can also be applied with great success to the yacht and/or luxury boats sector. Defining, in real time, the possible customisations, evaluating the applicable finishes directly with the customer, selecting characteristic elements through intuitive and interactive navigation, in order to obtain, through a gratifying and thrilling experience, answers beneficial to the project.

Fairs and events

Connect your brand to an immersive experience

Make the most of your presence at an event with the help of technology. Immersive Virtual Reality attracts the attention of your audience thanks to highly innovative, interactive, engaging and effective solutions. The proposed experiences can be diverse, including, for example, the presentation of new spaces, of new solutions and of new projects, with a focus on a global and multi-sensory engagement.

Exhibitions and museums

Presenting with immersive installations

One of the keys for approaching and involving the general public is the use of new technologies and of new interaction paradigms. Immersive Virtual Reality allows exhibition and museum curators to modulate the cultural offers, providing innovative approaches characterised by undeniable charm for presenting their works. What’s more, temporary exhibitions can be reconstructed virtually, giving visitors the chance to see the works and to interact with the content, even following their conclusion.


Communicating through technology

Virtual reality can prove to be an exceptionally powerful tool within the context of information and knowledge. It is possible to create fully immersive virtual experiences, designed to help the public in the search and in the use of information relating to places and events. The same technology can also be used for educational purposes, thus facilitating the comprehension of content.


Travelling with Virtual Reality

Creating excitement by virtually transporting customers to a given location, making them feel as if they were actually there. Discovering works or historical and artistic environments that time has destroyed or damaged. Immersive Virtual Reality also proves to be a powerful marketing tool for companies and institutions operating in the tourism sector, offering the ability to explore in advance different aspects of travel such as, for example, hotels, cities and attractions, allowing customers to personalise the offers directly, based on their virtually experiences.


Learning through new tools

In the industrial sector the use of Immersive Virtual Reality facilitates the creation of highly effective presentations in reference to one or more production facilities. From their integration within the production unit, to their functioning, up to their interaction with the individual components, in order to better understand the technical characteristics and purpose. Technical information can thus be conveyed by means of instruments capable of promoting better understanding through the direct involvement of the audience.


Extending the product perception concept

Presenting any type of product, through an emotionally engaging experience.  Simulations and situations designed to lead to a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the product, whether aesthetic or functional in nature. It is also possible to evaluate the insertion of objects or products within specific spaces and environments, interacting with the same objects and varying, for example, the colour or activating their associated functions.

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